Movement Ecology Series

How can we build the power of the Australian climate movement ecosystem?

Join us for two workshops - 21st and 28th June - on how we can build the power of the climate justice movement in Australia.

Are you passionate about how we build the power of the climate justice movement in Australia? Do you want to deepen your understanding of what makes a powerful movement ecosystem?

Tipping Point is partnering with the Ayni Institute to deliver two online workshops on movement ecology to delve into these questions and more. Click on the links below to RSVP or read on below to learn more!

Workshop 1: Foundational Theories of Change & Collaboration:10am-1pm AEDT Wednesday 21st June

Workshop 2: Movement Seasons:10am-1pm AEDT Wednesday 28th June

Workshop 1: Movement Ecology & Collaboration | 10am-1pm AEDT, June 21st

Powerful movements function like ecosystems, in which there are diverse actors collaborating across multiple strategies towards a shared goal. While many of us have tried to create the conditions for social movements where there is collaboration across groups and organisations, powerful collaboration can only happen when we are clear on the differences between the strategies that live in them.

This means that we can only have ecological thinking/action in social change if we know what makes the parts of the movement different in relation to one another. Ayni calls these multiple strategies Foundational Theories of Change and believes that the key to the power that many of us are working hard to harness is found in their collaboration.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Explore, through case-studies and examples, the Foundational Theories of Change that make up a powerful movement ecosystem
  • Identify which Foundational Theories of Change are most prevalent in the Australian climate movement currently and why; and
  • Learn how to collaborate powerfully across different Foundational Theories of Change


Workshop 2: Movement Seasons | 10am-1pm, June 28th

In building movement power, we move through different stages. There are times when we are externally focused and there is energy to do lots of things. And, there are times when we are internally focused, where we seem dormant to the outside world and our energy is focused internally as opposed to externally. Each stage in this cycle has a purpose, gift, and limits that can be applied to our lives, leadership, groups, and the movement.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Understand the different seasons that movements move through in building their power
  • Situate ourselves, our groups, and the wider movement in this seasonal context
  • Explore how we move from one season to the next


About your facilitators

Carlos Saavedra is a community leader who works to bring a vision of reciprocity into the world. He has been a community organizer in the immigrant rights movement for the last 20 years, building and co-founding organizations such as the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), the United We Dream Network and lastly Movimiento Cosecha.

In efforts to create bold and innovative projects, Carlos founded the Ayni Institute in order to provide training, coaching and support to thousands of leaders across the world. 

He also believes in a long term vision that in order to bring justice into the world we must renew our world cultures and religions to be closer to Mother Earth and Reciprocity, that is why Carlos works with indigenous communities in Latin America to support ancient traditions that we can learn from.

Charlie Wood is an organiser, facilitator and campaigner, who has spent the past 15 years working with the climate movement, in Australia and overseas. Charlie co-founded Tipping Point in 2018 to provide dedicated support to the incredible grassroots climate justice movement in Australia. As the former Campaigns Director for Australia, Charlie helped to launch and implement the Australian fossil fuel divestment campaign, push some of the world's biggest banks to say no to funding fossil fuel projects and grow the national #StopAdani network. Charlie also worked with amazing school students in regional Victoria to start and grow the School Strike 4 Climate Movement in Australia. Prior to this, Charlie worked as a national grassroots campaigner with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and in Parliament as an advisor on climate, energy and environment.