Our Vision

Our vision is for strong and resilient communities empowered to create a fairer, more just world by dismantling the oppressive systems that fuel climate change.

We are working towards a future where Australia is a world leader in responding to the climate crisis. Fossil fuels lie dormant underground, replaced by clean energy. And the influence of the fossil fuel industry has been buried, too. Our politics reflect the hopes and dreams of people, not corporations. Social movements work together, led by First Nations people, tackling injustices, holding institutions to account, and winning protections for people and the planet.

What We Do

Our mission is to stop the mining and burning of coal and gas in Australia.

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How We Work


Justice Centred

We work to tackle the systems underpinning the climate crisis and act in solidarity with those who are most impacted by the climate crisis.




People Powered

We believe that communities of people taking action together is our best chance at tackling the climate crisis.



We believe that lasting change requires movements that disrupt the status quo, build mass public support and force decision-makers to act.


Prioritise Networks

We believe that the most transformational change occurs when movements act with focus on clear, compelling goals, whilst remaining open to grassroots power, autonomy and creativity. 


Momentum Driven

We support movements to seize and create major moments of momentum that drive people and decision-makers to


Activating the Alarmed

We see it as our responsibility to provide the almost five million Australians who are alarmed about the climate crisis with a place to channel their alarm into strategic and sustained action.



We believe in our responsibility to help people unlock their innate leadership potential so that we can build the capacity of movements to achieve more than we ever imagined.



To truly move Australia beyond fossil fuels, the grassroots climate movement must grow to an unprecedented scale and size.

We are always looking for volunteers who are excited by this vision and keen to put some time into helping our movement grow!

We have a range of roles, with commitment ranging from a couple hours a week to a couple of days per week, and we’d love to talk to you about them.

Drop us a line at [email protected] to find out more.

Who We Are

The Tipping Point team is a tight knit, hard working group with a track record of delivering quality projects in short time-frames, including helping to spearhead the Australian fossil fuel divestment movement, supporting the growth of the #StopAdani campaign, organising mass climate mobilisations and pushing major banks to say no to fossil fuels.

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