Our Vision

The impact of the fossil fuel industry has never been more clear. Record-breaking temperatures. More than half the Great Barrier Reef dead. Severe storms. Devastating droughts. Politicians propping up big polluters who block clean energy. Environment groups under attack.

Our climate has crossed a tipping point. People power can tip it back.

The solutions are at our fingertips. Millions of Australians are on our side. What we need is a people-powered movement taking sustained, bold, and creative action that will drive the social and political change our climate so desperately needs.

What We Do

We know that decision-makers won’t deliver the change we need without unrelenting pressure from the people all around them. And we know that we are most powerful when we are connected, share resources and co-ordinate our actions.

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How We’re Different


Prioritise networks

We don’t build groups in our name. We support grassroots groups to flourish and win national climate campaigns.


Momentum Driven

We seize major moments of momentum and work with movements to generate major moments to lock in key campaign wins.


Nimble and fast

We are intentionally small and flexible so we can respond quickly to shifts in campaign landscapes.



To truly move Australia beyond fossil fuels, the grassroots climate movement must grow to an unprecedented scale and size.

We are always looking for volunteers who are excited by this vision and keen to put some time into helping our movement grow!

We have a range of roles, with commitment ranging from a couple hours a week to a couple of days per week, and we’d love to talk to you about them.

Drop us a line at [email protected] to find out more.

Who We Are

The Tipping Point team is a tight knit, hard working group with a track record of delivering quality projects in short time-frames, including helping to spearhead the Australian fossil fuel divestment movement, supporting the growth of the #StopAdani campaign, organising mass climate mobilisations and pushing major banks to say no to fossil fuels.

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We are a lean team that makes every dollar count. Our overheads are small so that we can prioritise our funds to make the biggest impact possible.

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