We need your help to build a big, bold movement against coal

Imagine this: a big, bold movement, building grassroots power that is moving Australia beyond coal.  

This year, the global average temperature is expected to breach the safe level of 1.5 degrees, and communities across Australia and globally are already feeling the impact of every fraction of warming - whether it be via blistering heat waves, unprecedented floods or other climate impacts. 

Despite this, Australia remains the world’s second largest thermal coal exporter, and by far the largest metallurgical coal exporter. In fact, there are more proposed coal mine expansions for export in Australia than any other country - with 30 new coal projects and expansions sitting on Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek’s desk right now awaiting approval. This is why Australia must build up our climate movement to be at the epicentre of the global push for climate justice. 

The next 12 months leading into the Federal Election is our opportunity to build grassroots power, activate our movement and show political candidates across the country that Australians will back strong leadership for ‘No More Coal and Gas’. We have the chance to demonstrate support for saying NO to new fossil fuel approvals, strengthening our environment laws and setting a vision to phase out coal this decade. 

This is the future for Move Beyond Coal, but we need your help to make it a reality.

It will take a passionate, connected, people-powered movement to phase out coal this decade and set us on a path to climate justice. Will you help?

 In 2024-2025, your donation will pay for:

  • Training and support for action teams to build political opposition to coal, mobilise en masse and increase community pressure to cut ties with coal;
  • Visits to frontline First Nations communities resisting coal expansions, enabling deeper relationship building with communities fighting on the coal face;
  • Identifying, elevating and developing grassroots leaders through training and support, and facilitating leaders to learn from counterparts globally;
  • The resources to convene and grow a network of partner organisations and grassroots groups in Australia that are committed to growing a powerful, diverse and justice oriented movement to tackle coal finance and politics.

Can you chip in to help us build the future of Move Beyond Coal and organise for meaningful climate justice?

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