How We Work


Justice Centred

We work to tackle the systems underpinning the climate crisis and act in solidarity with those who are most impacted by the climate crisis.




People Powered

We believe that communities of people taking action together is our best chance at tackling the climate crisis.



We believe that lasting change requires movements that disrupt the status quo, build mass public support and force decision-makers to act.


Prioritise Networks

We believe that the most transformational change occurs when movements act with focus on clear, compelling goals, whilst remaining open to grassroots power, autonomy and creativity. 


Momentum Driven

We support movements to seize and create major moments of momentum that drive people and decision-makers to


Activating the Alarmed

We see it as our responsibility to provide the almost five million Australians who are alarmed about the climate crisis with a place to channel their alarm into strategic and sustained action.



We believe in our responsibility to help people unlock their innate leadership potential so that we can build the capacity of movements to achieve more than we ever imagined.