Who We Are

The Tipping Point team is a tight knit, hard working group with a track record of delivering powerful community led campaigns, including helping to spearhead the Australian fossil fuel divestment movement, supporting the growth of the #StopAdani and Move Beyond Coal movements, organising mass climate mobilisations, supporting the School Strike 4 Climate movement and pushing major banks to say no to fossil fuels.

We are a national project of Friends of the Earth Australia, work closely with an amazing network of national grassroots leaders, and are supported by an incredible group of advisors.


Moira Williams

For over a decade Moira has been a leader in the grassroots climate movement - from building a network of Climate Action Groups in NSW to working with landholders, traditional owners and coal affected communities in central Central QLD and the United States. She has been an active member of numerous grassroots climate collectives, and for the last 4 years has worked on the campaign to keep Galilee basin coal safely in the ground.


Isaac Astill

Isaac has worked at 350.org Australia on the fossil fuel divestment campaign which led to over 150 institutions moving their money out of fossil fuels. As a #StopAdani Campaigner, Isaac has helped launch, grow, and support the grassroots network that has been the engine room of the campaign. This has included helping run the #StopAdani Roadshow attended by 4000 people, the successful campaign push on Westpac and CommBank with 130+ actions, and the design of the #StopAdani website that has 160 groups and 1000+ events registered and counting. For his contributions, Isaac has been awarded the Bob Brown Young Environmentalist of the Year.


Josh Creaser

Calmly managing big and complex projects is his forte - including the first ever Adani week of action targeting Commonwealth Bank at 50 branches and the 2018 Beyond Coal and Gas Jamboree. Josh helped rebuild an active climate movement in Canberra through training and mentoring dozens of volunteers, building collaborations and leading the successful campaign to get the ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels. Josh also has experience working in solidarity with frontline communities.


Nina Atkinson

Nina has eight years working in the climate movements of Australia & New Zealand. Previously she worked as the Co-Convener of Generation Zero, New Zealand's youth-run climate organisation, where she helped to launch and run the campaign for the Zero Carbon Act, a groundbreaking piece of climate change legislation about to be passed into law. She has campaigned for climate action and social justice at ActionStation Aoteroa, where she established a community campaigning platform now widely used across NZ. More recently she has worked on the StopAdani campaign initially as a campaigner at GetUp, working with grassroots groups across the country.

Aimee Bull-McMahon

Aimee has 7 years experience working on digital communications, campaigns and organising in the union, climate and human rights movements. She began her career working for members of the mighty United Voice union (now the United Workers Union) and has since led digital communications teams at both Solar Citizens and Amnesty International Australia.

Manjot Kaur

Manjot Kaur is an Indian-Australian activist from Mudgee. She was a leader of the first School Strike 4 Climate in Sydney, organising the biggest climate protests in Australia’s history. Drawing on her connection to Punjab, Manjot works to decolonise the environment movement by growing Sapna South Asian Climate Solidarity. Manjot has coordinated a School Summit at AYCC, shifted politics in the 2019 election by supporting independent candidates through Climate Leaders and empowered community groups at the Australian Conservation Foundation.


Millie Anthony

Millie has been an organiser and campaigner within the climate justice movement for the past 7 years. Millie has previously worked primarily with young people at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition working to build youth-lead grassroots power. She's also worked as part of the Stop Adani alliance in Queensland. Millie has recently been in the UK, working with Greenpeace and learning from the UK climate movement.

 Mick Mcgrath

Mick McGrath

A graduate of political science at USYD, Mick cut his teeth as an organiser with GetUp working to oust Tony Abbott. He began supporting School Strike 4 Climate (SS4C) as a key project manager of the Sydney #ClimateStrike in September 2019, part of the biggest climate protests in Australia’s history. Mick continued supporting the SS4C network on projects such as their Summit in January 2020, bringing together over 100 school students for 3 days from every state and territory. Mick assisted the students with adapting to the pandemic by mobilising over 630+ small protests, the most distributed day of climate action in Australia’s history.

 Madeline Price

Madeline Price

Growing up in rural Queensland, Madeline (she/they) has a passion for community development, locally-led activism and people-powered change. Working in the social change space for the past ten years, Madeline has a history in the environmental movement with the Australian Conservation Foundation, feminist and intersectional gender justice with the One Woman Project, and international development with the Pacific Judicial Strengthening Initiative. 


Shoi Sengupta

Shoi is a graduated School Striker with a natural knack for grassroots community organising, training and campaign strategy. She spent her senior high school years as a volunteer leader within SS4C and AYCC, graduating in 2020 to join the Tipping Point team only months later on her first contract. Her connection to the School Strike network and project management skills beyond her years catalysed the success of the May 21 #ClimateStrike, the largest climate mobilisation since the Pandemic began; turning out over 50,000 activists across the continent. With a cultural and community connection to her Bengali heritage, Shoi brings a global and intersectional lens to her work with young people and the broader movement.

Patti Burton headshot

Patti Burton

Trained in journalism, Patti is a digital campaigner and communicator from Sydney. She has a passion for nuanced storytelling and amplifying community voices , which has led her to work & volunteer in community radio and for a number of grassroots climate/political movements including the #StopAdani and Voices Of movements. Patti  also has experience working in the clean transportation space - helping to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia. She is committed to working towards climate justice and a safe climate future.

Meleika headshot


Meleika, also known as Vika Mana, is a proud sovereign storyteller; they are from the Zagareb and Dauareb tribes of Mer Island in what is colonially known as the Torres Strait, from the village of Fahefa in Tonga, Bsharri in Lebanon and many other places that extend to different continents and bloodlines. They write, rap and perform many worlds into existence whilst also telling the truth of this place in each story. Meleika is also passionate about climate, disability and racial justice and ties this in, in all her work. At Tipping Point she is focused on working with Indigenous groups to help tell their stories and building momentum behind their campaigns

Fahimah Badrulhisham headshot

Fahimah Badrulhisham

Fahimah is a Muslim born in Malaysia. She is a community organiser who weaves together faith, decolonisation, and climate justice. She came to Australia to study architecture and worked in the field for six years. She now focusses her attention halting Australian fossil fuels exports and building solidarity with the Global Majority diaspora for a more equitable future. Fahimah is also the Co-President of Muslim Collective, and infuses her organising work with art, creativity and humor, making it both impactful and engaging.