What We Do

We know that decision-makers won’t deliver the change we need without unrelenting pressure from the people all around them. We are most powerful when we are connected, share resources and co-ordinate our actions.

Our mission is to:

  • Grow the Australian grassroots climate movement by building and supporting grassroots networks to help win campaigns that keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate us towards clean energy for all.
  • Support this network to take bold, sustained, and creative action that shifts decision makers and puts our issues in the spotlight, creating space for change.

In our first year, we will be supporting the amazing network of grassroots groups working in the #StopAdani movement to stop the mine once and for all as a key step towards moving Australia beyond coal.

Take action

We are a lean team that makes every dollar count. Our overheads are small so that we can prioritise our funds to make the biggest impact possible.

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